A Real Mess—Canine Diarrhea Causes

When your dog has diarrhea, life is a mess, and you want answers—fast. Unfortunately, diarrhea can indicate a long list of health conditions, from simple stress, to chronic digestive disorders, to cancer. How much diarrhea is too much? When to call the veterinarian Because of diarrhea’s unpleasant, inconvenient, and odiferous nature, the problem inspires more [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections frequently cause problems for dogs, and can be painful for your pet, significantly impacting their quality of life. Many dogs suffer from chronic or recurring ear infections, which can be frustrating to manage. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital wants to provide information on this topic by answering some frequently asked questions [...]

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Information Pet Owners Should Know About Heartworm Disease

Mosquitoes are ubiquitous creatures, and are extremely adept at finding ways to enter your home. This means that all cats and dogs are at risk of being bitten by a mosquito, which can transmit heartworms that can cause life-threatening consequences for your pet. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital wants to provide information about [...]

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8 Steps in a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning

Routine professional veterinary dental cleanings are necessary to prevent periodontal disease, which is a prominent problem in pets, and can significantly impact your pet’s health. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital wants to explain the steps involved in this procedure, so you will know what to expect when your pet comes for their appointment. [...]

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8 Signs Your Pet Has Arthritis

Arthritis is a common, painful disease in cats and dogs that can significantly affect their quality of life. While no cure is available for this progressive condition, your pet’s discomfort can be reduced if the disease is diagnosed early, and managed appropriately. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital would like to provide information about [...]

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6 Steps to Ensure Your Senior Pet’s Needs are Met

Your aging pet is at higher risk for developing age-related issues, such as arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, diabetes, and cancer. They require more care and attention as they enter their golden years to help manage, and possibly prevent, these problems. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital wants to help, so we offer steps you can [...]

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6 Tips to Manage Separation Anxiety in Pets

If your pet became extremely attached to you during the pandemic shutdown, they may experience separation anxiety now that you have returned to work. Our team at Willow Wood Animal Hospital wants to offer tips to help you manage this problematic condition, and alleviate your pet’s distress. #1: Recognize separation anxiety signs in pets Separation [...]

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What to Chew-s? Appropriate Dog Chew Toys and Treats

The pet store associate promised your dog would get “hours of enjoyment” from the $20 bone, but—much like children—they had more fun playing with the empty grocery delivery box.  Searching for the perfect dog chew can be a Holy Grail-quest for nosh Nirvana. Finding a toy that is safe, healthy, appropriate for your dog’s chewing [...]

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