Leader of the Pack: Competitive Sports for Dogs

Canine competitive sports have gained immense popularity in recent years. These sports, from agility trials to obedience competitions, provide a platform for dogs of all breeds and sizes to showcase their skills and athleticism, and they foster strong bonds between pets and their people. Our Willow Wood Animal Hospital team dives into the world of [...]

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Should I Make My Pet’s Food?

You want the best for your furry companion, including their health and nutrition. Many people believe that cooking homemade food for their pet is the best way to achieve this. After all, you know the benefits of a fresh, whole-food diet for yourself, so why should your pet’s diet be any different? Many pet owners [...]

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Now Hear This: How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Many pet owners never clean their pets' ears, yet regular cleaning can help prevent infections and promote ear hygiene. Ear health is important, allowing your pet to be aware of their surroundings and potential dangers. Cleaning your pet's ears doesn't have to be a stressful task. If you approach this grooming duty carefully and patiently, [...]

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Unleashing Advanced Low-Stress Pet Handling Techniques at Home

Maintaining your pet’s well-being requires a thoughtful approach to handling and care, especially for stress-inducing activities such as nail trims or medication administration. Our Willow Wood Animal Hospital team recognizes the importance of incorporating low-stress handling techniques at home to build a positive bond between your pet and you. For guidance on minimizing your pet’s [...]

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5 Cold-Weather Pet Hazards

From frostbite and hypothermia to antifreeze poisoning and chemical burns, cold weather poses unique hazards that can affect your pet's health and safety. While many people assume pets are built for the cold—especially those with thick fluffy coats—all pets are susceptible to the risks that frigid temperatures, icy surfaces, and deicing chemicals pose. Our Willow [...]

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Yellow Cat? Code Red! Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats

Hepatic lipidosis in cats is a potentially life-threatening condition that many owners do not recognize until their cat is critically ill. Understanding this unique feline condition and its potential consequences can help minimize your cat’s risk and, should your cat be affected, support their recovery and avoid future relapses. What is hepatic lipidosis in cats? [...]

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Decoding the Claw-some World of Cat Scratching

Scratching is normal and necessary for cats, but if your feline friend uses your furniture or curtains to sharpen their claws, you may find the behavior upsetting. To help prevent your cat’s claw art from affecting your pet-owner bond, our Willow Wood Animal Hospital team explains why cats scratch and provides tips to prevent destructive [...]

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