A Compassionate Goodbye

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Pet's Story
Baby was a gift from my unt to my family, but from the beginning i got attached to her in a indescribable way. She became my companion and helped me in my youth, even in the darkest times.


Pet's Story
Siggy was the best boy. He loved playing with his toy piggy and his ball. He is deeply missed by his family but we had a wonderful 17 years together. We were able to give you a soft goodbye, and we are thankful for that. I wish I could give you one more snuggle. Love you Sigmund!

Chrissy Rose

Pet's Story
Chrissy Rose with her big pink nose gave us 12 ½ wonderful years of love, laughter, snuggles, and enough white dog hair to last a life time.


Pet's Story
Best friend. Big brother. Soul dog.

Lilly Pearl

Pet's Story
We had 12 years with "Lilly Pearl my little blue Merle" before we had to say goodbye and end her pain from bone cancer. She was a lovable goofy girl that we miss deeply.

Puddin Dotson

The Tale of Puddin (A Memoir)
In 2007, my mom (Amy) adopted me and my sister from a nice lady who lived on a farm with lots of other animals somewhere near Athens, Ohio. My mom was looking for just one cat but thankfully the nice lady told my mom how close I was with my sister and that she didn’t want us to be separated. So my mom took us both to go live with her in Columbus, Ohio. She named my sister and I after a Christmas song, Figgy and Puddin

It was just the 3 of us for a while. But fast forward a few years and a few apartments later and my Dad (Jordan) joined us and we went from a trio to a foursome.

At first, I was an indoor only kind of girl. But when we moved into my dads apartment, our neighbors had 4 cats and they got to go outside! It drove me CRAZY watching them through the window and not being able to enjoy sweet freedom like them. So I let my parents know my frustration by peeing by the window every time I saw them outside.... Dad was pissed! (Haha, pun intended) Him and mom got in an argument about what to do about my peeing habit. Mom was hesitant at first, but eventually they agreed to start letting me go outside to play sometimes!!

Let me tell you, I felt like I won the lottery!! To say I loved the outdoors was an understatement. I felt like I belonged out there and soon, I couldn’t bring myself to use that indoor litter box anymore. Instead, I’d just paw at the door to signal to mom or dad when I needed to go out and paw at it again when I was ready to come in. It was amazing! I had the best of both worlds; I got to be the jungle kitty I was meant to be when I was outside but I got all the cuddles, love and cozy sleeping nooks when I was inside! To show my appreciation to my parents, I would bring them small gifts from time to time. Sometimes it would be a freshly dead mole and one time it was even a live chipmunk I brought right into the house! I never understood why they didn’t get very excited about my thoughtful gifts

Fast forward to our house in Westerville and this is where things get interesting. As I was getting used to our new house both inside and out, I was drawn to our neighbors house. I found that I loved lounging on their front porch. One day I decided I just had to check out the inside. A really nice couple lived their with their dog, Maddie. One day when Jess, Maddie’s mom, propped the door open to carry things inside... I snuck in when she wasn’t looking!! I explored for a little while before she even realized I was in there! The darn jingling from my collar gave me away, though, and she put me back outside. But that was the beginning of a new adventure that changed my life forever.

After that day, I would visit Jess, Marc and Maddie more and more. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my own family, I just really liked the Dotsons, too! Over the next weeks and months I started to wear a path between our houses and eventually I found myself spending equal time between both families. I kinda liked having two moms and two dads and a new sibling. It was really just as if my family got bigger is all which really meant more petting and cuddles for me!

Then came the day when Jess and Marc decided it was time to build a new house, which meant they were moving away from the house right next-door to my OG parents. I didn’t know what I was going to do! I couldn’t imagine my life without my OG parents but I also didn’t wanna give up my time with my new family.

My OG mom became worried about how it would affect me once they did move. She was afraid I might be really sad and confused. She also knew that Jess and Marc would take the absolute best care of me and continue to love me like their own. So my mom eventually asked Jess how her and Marc felt about taking me with them to live in there new house. Jess cried tears of happiness!

And that was that! I got to move to a brand new house with Jess, Marc and Maddie. My mom missed me but knew she could visit me anytime! In fact, she always came to take care of me when mom2 and dad2 had to go out of town. It was always fun to see her and catch up.

I truly had the best life. It’s not everyday that a cat gets TWO amazing families to live with and love on. I made lots of special memories growing up with my sister, Figgy and my OG parents. And Jess and Marc made sure I always had the best of the best and that I knew how much I was loved. I think my OG mom knew we were a perfect fit and didn’t want me to miss out on sharing in all their love and happiness! I hope each of them know just how much I loved them and how thankful I am to have each of them as part of my great big family